Tuesday, May 10, 2011

4 Weeks....

It's true...I am guilty...I couldn't find any time for 4 weeks to get myself in with myself. Lame I know! And I must confess, I finally stopped picking so this is why they lasted me sooo long! Minus the ugly re-growth of course.

So you know that little "lip" that occurs when growing away from your cuticles, well this is what always go me picking! But worry no more, I have found the solution! After 2-4 days of your appointment you will notice the slight re-growth starting to take place, and that "lip" will start becoming more visible and some what annoying?? At least it is for me anyways! So when you're in the shower, your polish becomes some what softer, just push back your cuticles and that "lip" and there you go! That part will peel right off and the rest of your nails will just keep growing!!

Remember...NO PICKING!!!!!

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  1. For a while ago you had a glitter nail polish in the color cake. What was the brand? I just love the glitter!